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Before and After School Care

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Before and After School Care

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Vacation Care

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Vacation Care

On arrival, children can participate in programmed activities or free play with their friends and our OSHC resources.

Our Happy Homeworkers Club opens at

7 am. Bookings are essential.

Children can enjoy extensive breakfast options daily, including a self-service buffet-style spread with many healthy and nutritious options.

Our Morning Master Class operates daily from 7 am

Before School Care continues until 8.30 am 

Our After School Care program has both Junior and Senior Indoor Spaces and access to the school’s vast playground.

Children have the option to participate in programmed activities or enjoy free play with their friends

Our Happy Homeworkers Club starts at 3.30 pm daily. Bookings are essential.

Children are offered a nutritious afternoon tea which includes a large variety of fresh fruit and Vegetables. There is also the main item daily for the children to try. From Home Made Burgers to Tacos and Do it yourself Wraps there is always something for everyone.

Our Afternoon Master Classes operate daily. 

Children enjoy an abundance of activities, play and relaxation until they are collected from care.

After School Care closes at 6pm 

Our Vacation Care is one of a kind.

We understand that it is difficult for children to spend their school holidays at school.

Our program is operated as if they were at a holiday resort kids club.

With new Resources only available during School Holidays,  Excursions and Engaging Visitors.

Children can rotate between the many rooms and outdoor spaces and have fun participating in a number of different activities or freely enjoy the OSHC resources.

A daily itinerary is available just like at Kids Club that includes the times and activities that are occurring throughout the day.

Our Vacation Care Program operates from 6.30 am – 6 pm during the school holidays

Happy Home Workers Club

We understand that getting homework completed can be difficult.

We also understand that children want time to play with their friends before and after school.

At After School Excellence, we provide balanced support for children and families in both Before and After School Care in meeting their homework requirements.

Parents or Children can nominate how much time they would like to spend on Homework, sign up for a session and complete it with guidance from our Educators. 

One less thing for you to worry about so you can spend more time being with your children.

Master Class

Our Master Classes provide a small-group experience and allow children to experience something new. We are unique in offering key classes during sessions.

Linking with Subject Matter Experts we provide quick, short sharp sessions allowing each child to learn something new. 

Examples of our activities include Cooking, Perspective Photography, Online Lessons and much more.

Excursions and Visitors

We provide a range of excursions and on-site activities, particularly during Vacation Care sessions, to extend the educational programming at the service.

We believe these experiences enrich the children’s learning by allowing them to engage with members of the community who have specialised knowledge in a wide range of areas, in addition to that of After School Excellence educators.

Excursions are designed to allow children to explore their physical and social environment, including their local community, away from the service’s premises.

In planning excursions and on-site activities, input is gained from families, staff and children.

Educators take into consideration planning experiences that encourage and extend the children’s knowledge, allowing them to learn and linking their learning experience through the My Time Our Place practice and outcomes.

Our Educational Program

We have crafted an incredible blend of learning support, exploration, sporting skills, fun and relaxation within our program.

After School Excellence uses My Time, Our Place as a guide for educators to support our written professional activities.

It provides direction for our educators to facilitate children’s play, leisure and learning.

It guides our program decision-making and assists in planning, implementing and evaluating quality.

My time our Place inspires conversations and provides a common language about children’s play and learning.

We link our practice to the outcomes ensuring you that our program is delivered with quality elements. 


Breakfast and Afternoon Tea

At After School Excellence, we strongly focus on educating for and developing children’s health by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

We believe that good nutrition is essential for each child’s healthy growth and development. For this reason, our services provide nutritious, good-quality food that is consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Young People in Australia.

We provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment for children to eat their meals and snacks 

We consider the children’s likes and dislikes and any cultural or medical needs of individual children and families 

We encourage the development of the children’s good eating habits by modelling and reinforcing healthy eating and nutrition practices by our educators.

We also seek opportunities to grow our food and collaborate with children to use the food we have grown ourselves in our menu planning 

Families at After School Excellence are encouraged to share recipes and traditions to enrich the variety and enjoyment of food by the children and support the children’s development of, respect for and understanding of diversity