About Us

About Us

After School Excellence

After School Excellence is a private family owned and operated Childcare Service specialising in Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care.

Simone Mowczan – Approved Provider.

For the past 28 years, I have worked within the out-of-school hours sector.

Bringing Knowledge, Experience and Assurance capabilities to families, children and the wider community.

After School Excellence is benchmarked off exceeding qualities, providing a caring and personalised service tailored to both individual and community needs.

My personal management experience includes 10 years in the CEO position within the Not-for-Profit Sector and over 15 years in senior management roles in the OSHC sector. 

I have a strong understanding of Children Services National Law and Regulations, including the My Time Our Place framework (MTOP) and the National Quality framework which guides the procedures and practices at After School Excellence.

My OSHC management experience extends over many different OSHC setups, sizes, and complexities from small services, complex cluster OSHC programs with bus collections, remote outback services, regional services and large inner-city services.

With qualifications in Business Management and extensive experience in business operations I personally ensure that our services are managed professionally.  

I believe educators bring powerful energy to the OSHC service and are vital in ensuring a safe and caring environment for children.

With extensive experience in leading, mentoring, empowering, and managing staffing in daily OSHC operations our teams become the best Educators they can be.  

After School Excellence delivers a unique OSHC service experience to families focusing on going the extra mile to meet the needs of families and the wider school community that we are connected to.  

Children experience a safe, welcoming, and caring environment, and our services are flexible and agile to meet individual needs.

At After School Excellence, children are our priority. We protect, care for, and listen to every child. We give families peace of mind from the moment they enter our care until they are taken home; they are in a safe, happy and caring environment.

Georgina Robson – Assistant Director and Nominated Supervisor. 

I hold a Bachelor of Arts/Pathway to Teaching Primary degree as well as qualifications in Leadership and Management, Outdoor Education and Security Operations.

For the past 14 years, I have worked in industries such as Camping, Sports and Recreation and Children’s Services. During my time in Outdoor Education, I have had the pleasure of working with thousands of children from all backgrounds and abilities.

The most rewarding aspects of my career in outdoor education included helping children conquer their fears of heights, watching them build confidence and achieving their goals. 

I have worked in the OSHC sector for over 13 years, leading teams in some of the most challenging suburbs in NSW. 

With a focus on planning, events and community engagement After School Excellence is a new leader in ensuring quality,  compliance and safety across the board.  

Jucinda Spencer – Educational Leader and Nominated Supervisor

I am extremely proud to be the Educational Leader at After School Excellence.

I believe that all children have the right to learn in different ways.

I teach kindness, positive communication and building honest relationships.

I guide respect, support, care and understanding.

I give my time, experience and reassurance to children and families.

We pride ourselves on our OSHC program being Innovative. We collaborate with our community and implement new ideas quickly.

We offer a huge range of activities every session.

Our Educational program is designed by the children of the service, we partner with them to offer an engaging, fun and creative atmosphere.

I bring 13 years of experience in the Childcare Sector with over 4 years in management roles.

My qualifications include a Diploma in Children Services, Child Protection and First Aid