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At After School Excellence, we work closely with each family to understand your individual needs.

We know how busy life can be and we are here to help.

We provide a safe, fun and exciting environment for your children so you can focus on getting yourself to work, having a productive day and ensuring that your evening is as stress-free as possible. 


Our service provides meals, homework support, games, and daily challenges.

Our unique zen zones are open both indoors and outdoors, where the children can find a quiet space for a peaceful morning or they can relax and unwind after a long day at school.

Our robust sporting and outdoor play opportunities ensure that children bursting with energy have a safe and supervised area to enjoy.

Children could decide to immerse themselves in our unique “Master Classes” every session where they will enjoy a new learning experience.

Our homework club is very popular, and children find the task much more exciting with friends.  

All of this in a safe, fun and happy place with friends 

Our Philosophy


At After School Excellence, we acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land.

We recognise that long before we were here, they were here – teaching, nurturing, and protecting their children, which is the work we continue.

After School Excellence is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment free from all forms of discrimination.

After School Excellence will actively pursue social justice and empower our community to address inequality and celebrate diversity.

We believe children’s Middle Childhood experiences have long-term implications for their development and well-being and that children learn best through play.

We are committed to providing the highest quality education and care in an inclusive, welcoming, and harmonious environment, informed by children’s voices, rights, and best interests.

We will nurture children’s learning, holistic development, and physical well-being through strong, secure relationships in a responsive, respectful, and innovative learning community.

At After School Excellence, we value and promote family/educator partnerships, and we embrace families through collaborative decision-making, shared knowledge, and supportive relationships.

Our work is grounded in Australia’s My Time Our Place Framework, National Quality Standards, and UN rights of the child. Our collective ideas and understandings inform it about middle childhood theories and contemporary research.


We believe that high-quality OSHC care occurs when



  • Feel safe, supported, heard, and cared for
  • Are genuinely consulted in decisions that affect their daily experiences, learning, and wellbeing
  • Are respected and empowered as active and capable learners,
  • Are encouraged and supported to develop reciprocal, respectful, and meaningful relationships with others that enhance their learning
  • Are encouraged and supported to express their ideas, creativity, thoughts, and feelings
  • Are provided opportunity and support to explore, experiment, and take risks
  • Are empowered in who they are and have a strong sense of identity and wellbeing
  • Are supported to develop connections between people, country, place, and communities
  • Are supported to regulate emotions and learn strategies for self-awareness and resilience


  • Are sensitive, respectful, and ethical in their interactions with children, families, colleagues, and other


  • Are encouraged to be innovative, reflective and to base their pedagogy on theories, research, and other professional ideas
  • Are respectful and supportive of children’s rights
  • Hold high expectations for every child by recognising, respecting, and building on children’s strengths, interests, capabilities, and sense of agency
  • Establish calm, consistent, and flexible routines/transitions based on children’s wellbeing, identity, and developing agency
  • Are active in establishing and maintaining a safe, collegial, and collaborative working environment
  • Are recognised as Childcare professionals and supported to continue their learning and development
  • Are resourced to use a range of strategies to work towards the best outcomes for children
  • Are invited and provided with opportunities to take part in decision making that affects their work
  • Communicate honestly, respectfully, and effectively with others to promote children’s best interests
  • Model environmentally, socially, and ethically responsible thinking and pedagogy
  • Support the development of the next generation of educators and leaders through student placement and mentoring
  • Are responsible for advocating the value of Out Of School Hours Care and supported to share their work with the wider community


Our Pedagogy:

  • Occurs in an environment that is safe, stimulating, creative, equitable, and inclusive
  • Encourages the design and creation of dynamic play spaces that are intentional and supported by critical reflection
  • Provides open-ended learning experiences that are inviting, engaging, and promote thinking and learning through play
  • Respects and reflects children’s unique dispositions for learning and their existing knowledge.
  • Is responsive to the interests, ideas, and needs of children, educators, and the community
  • Provides group and solitary learning opportunities that enable participation according to children’s ideas, interests, strengths, developing agency and wellbeing
  • Provides opportunities for children to broaden their perspectives and understanding of diverse ways of being, knowing, and becoming
  • Promotes environmental responsibility and sustainable practices through respect of natural, recycled, reused, and other ethically purchased resources
  • Recognises Middle childhood as a highly formative time in children’s lives
  • It provides opportunities for planting, nurturing, and harvesting food prepared in hands-on cooking experiences, which builds a healthy relationship with food and a deep understanding of its origins.
  • Empowers children to explore and act upon big ideas such as sustainability, children’s rights, social justice, reconciliation, health, wellbeing, and diversity
  • It is reflective of the unique values, knowledge, and culture of our children, families, educators, and local community
  • Offers children genuine choices in routines, transitions, learning, and their environment
  • Allows opportunities for sustained shared thinking and challenging learning experiences



  • Are recognised and valued as their child’s first and most influential teachers
  • Are encouraged to share their ideas, questions, values, and culture in a welcoming environment
  • Are actively consulted and informed about their child’s care, development, learning, and daily experiences
  • Are provided with opportunities and encouraged to take part in centre decision making
  • Have opportunities to engage with each other and establish relationships with other families
  • Are encouraged and supported to develop meaningful and engaging partnerships with educators that enable best outcomes for children

Our Popular Services

Before School Care

After School Care

Happy Homeworkers Club

The staff are amazing and my children enjoy going so much more with ASE being the provider My son Is always happy to go to oosh and he is excited to be on vacation care for the first time this yr. Such a great variety of activites.

Parent April 2023

My child is always very excited each morning and afternoon to attend After School Excellence. She has created meaningful relationships with all the educators.

Parent March 2023

My kids love attending OOSH. They are engaged with activities and are always happy and don't want to leave when I collect them. The service seems to make great effort in entertaining the kids and creating a safe and fun environment.

Parent Feedback April 2023

After School Excellence is meeting its vision and charter by authentically embedding itself as a part of the school and its culture - Parents, Caregivers and Staff alike are very happy to be experiencing this level of support , collaboration and community. The care and empathy and planning and 'excellence' is obvious. Keep on growing and supporting our school, as you are meeting our needs for a blend of ongoing, temporary and casual bookings.

Parent Feedback April 2023

Since After school excellence has been our oosh provider there has been so many positive changes made. Children are happy and engaged, and enjoy a structured play based environment. Thankyou for caring for our children so well!

Parent Feedback April 2023

Great after-care service with lovely educators who genuinely value the learning & well being of your child. Highly recommend anyone looking into after care service.

Parent Feedback April 2023

Feedback from our School Teachers

Providing high quality before and after school care for our students. Since your team has taken over the students are far more settled and engaged. The activities are engaging and the students are always under close supervision whether they are indoors and outdoors. The OOSH staff are always kind, friendly an polite to students, teaching staff and families. The tall hall is now set up and the students often comment on how amazing this space is. The addition of the Homework Club is a great idea!

Since taking over, the calmness and behaviour of all students has improved dramatically. All staff set clear expectations and boundaries and take the time to get to know the kids and their families. Such a fabulous service

Your Service is so supportive of the school, offering help and assistance within the school environment, helping and serving at the canteen. Joining in on fun days such as hat parade and other whole school events.

After School Excellence
Glendore Public School

We have crafted an incredible blend of learning support, exploration, sporting activities, fun and relaxation all into the one program

Hours of Operation

Child with hands

Before School Care

6.30am - 8.30am
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After School Care

2.45pm - 6pm

Vacation Care

6.30am - 6pm

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The Awabakal and Worimi peoples are acknowledged by After School Excellence as the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters situated within the Newcastle local government area, including wetlands, rivers creeks and coastal environments. It is known that their heritage and cultural ties to Newcastle date back tens of thousands of years.